Wednesday, June 11, 2014

GISTEMP redux: (Still) 2nd warmest April in the temperature record

+.73C, an increase of .03C compared to March and the hottest April ever, bar 2010 (as an aside, the first half of 2010 was a scorcher.)

How hot is that? Well, prior to 1970, the hottest April since records begin was in May 1969, +0.15C. The people alive in 1970 had never seen a April within half a degree of what we just saw. Given the inherent variability of monthly temperatures, that's pretty amazing.


  1. 0.73 is for April. There is no value for May yet.

  2. Shoot! You are quite right. I got my columns confused. Well, that makes this post a lot less newsworthy.

  3. Well, there's your May, finally. And it's the hottest on record at 0.76: