Thursday, October 14, 2010

Denialism and racist hate -- the chocolate and peanut butter of teabagger Steven Milloy

Steven Milloy's is the usual bland denialist gruel of lies and whining, but a more-than-usually odious screed deserves to be underlined:

Yesterday, the APS has answered to Dr Hal Lewis in a way that I consider breathtakingly arrogant and dishonest.

First of all, the answer to the important letter by a serious scientist was apparently composed by a secretary, a black female bureaucrat called Tawanda Johnson. Or is it a coincidence that she is signed under the reply and that the quality of the text suggests that indeed, no scientist was involved?

Wow. Just wow. You think he's done? He's not close to done:

Needless to say, she has no clue about science or research and it is self-evident that she is employed just and purely for the money.

After all, the record shows that she has never cared about anything linked to the scientific truth in her life. Her knowledge of physics is closer to the knowledge of an average dog than the knowledge of Dr Hal Lewis . . .

That's right; not only is it "breathtakingly arrogant" for a "black female" to be addressing the now-great Hal Lewis, but Milloy troubles to tell us that in her understanding she comparable to "an average dog."

His own readers are squeamish at this bigoted turn, but Milloy wants us to know he's the real victim here:

Please try to understand that I, my ancestors, or my nation, for that matter, have never held any slaves or anything of the kind. We've been mostly suppressed. Although it wasn't that bad, the suppression wasn't too different from that of other (often colored) nations from colonies and similar places, so if some people with English or other "imperial" ancestors play their games to regulate their feeling of guilt, could they please kindly notice that despite my or my countrymates' [sic] skin color, I/we have no feeling of guilt and no reason to participate in such a dumb game?

Please note, Steve, no one expects a racist piece of shit like you to feel guilt at your actions. Anybody with the slightest bit of sense can see that you lack the moral sense, to borrow a phrase, of the average dog.

CORRECTION; Via a helpful commenter:

Shouldn't Lubos Motl get the 'credit' for the original statements, per your link?

And Steven Milloy the 'credit' for passing it all on?