Friday, January 15, 2021

Wherein I am chastised

 Yep…targeted harassment…of fascists. Now I've heard it all.

And heaven forfend anyone suggest soldiers might be called upon to kill people in the discharge of their duties. Where did I get that strange idea?


  1. I would guess just posting "kill" would have highlighted the tweet.
    Blanket ban on hate speech.
    The aspect that it was about others who may or may not kill fascists must have been the reason.

    No doubt the fascists can carry on in their deluded bottom dweller ways.

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  3. Have you considered rolling over your blog title to make room for more immediate concerns?

    Besides putting you on the right side in the war against cliche', chopping off the naughty fascism and anti-intellectualism bits would make room for anti-imperialist denunciation of xe misogynist Carbon Emperor Xi .

  4. this goes to prove "you can Not directly or indirectly wage war without political clout"