Wednesday, November 16, 2016

One way the world could end

It's now evident that Trump will staff the white house with belligerent incompetents, much like himself. We must now seriously contemplate, without hysteria or hyperbole, how bad things could get. Answer: pretty bad. Here's just one way it could unfold:

1. Trump's undisciplined talk on NATO persuades Putin that he can pull a Crimea with the Baltic states.

2. Trump, not strong-willed or stable at the best of times, is humiliated by this and the screaming taunts of his own party and national security apparatus that he is helpless in the face of Russian aggression.

3. The US intervenes in the Baltics, which rapid escalates into an undeclared conventional war.

4. One side or the other becomes convinced the enemy has or is about to launch a nuclear strike.

5. That side launches a nuclear attack, which is quickly reciprocated by the other.

6. The world as we know it ends.

At this point, I'm tempted to revisit the topic of the people who voted for Trump, the people who voted for a third party, or (by far the most numerous group) who didn't vote at all. But I realize that while I could happily spend the next however many years screaming YOU DID THIS, YOU ASSHOLES! YOU OWN THIS DISASTER, YOU HUMAN EQUIVALENTS OF A FRESH DOGSHIT AND HOT GARBAGE CASSEROLE! YOU BUILT THAT! such an approach is not likely to be particularly fruitful in terms of where we go from here. Just be advised that I am always, always thinking it.


  1. Another way the would could (have) ended: Clinton got elected, and decided to impose a No-Fly Zone in Syria thus putting the US in direct conflict with Russia. Carry on from Point 4.
    One wonders why Russia would bother with the Baltic states, though - there's nothing really there (apart from NATO missile sites...) and it's far easier for Russia to make friends with everyone the US is currently annoying than to invade NATO-supported territories...
    If we're playing the "blame game", let's also blame the Democratic Party who decided they didn't want Bernie Sanders to be their candidate...

  2. Completely agree with Anonymous above, while in fact stating that the probability of war with Russia was arguably higher with Clinton being elected.