Thursday, August 20, 2015

Judith Curry hides the decline . . . in her own self-respect

In hindsight, the way the Climategate emails was rolled out, after very careful scrutiny by the targeted bloggers, was handled pretty responsibly.  Lets face it – “Mike’s Nature trick to hide the decline” means . . . “Mike’s Nature trick to hide the decline.[1]”

Wow. Judith Curry, ladies and gentlemen and deniers. Former serious person. What a joke.

In hindsight, we can say the Climategate witch hunt failed utterly. Michael Mann is better-known and better-regarded than he would have been without the denier crusade. Deniers humiliated themselves trying to discredit a "hockey stick" that has now been reproduced dozens of times.

The criminals who stole the emails passed them to their denier allies who used them deceptively, using every variety of quote sniping and ridiculous double standards -- hateful vicious right-wing crusaders picking through thousands of pages of emails, looking for a few lines where responsible scientists, in the course of private communications with each other, said mean things about idiots.

This was used by right-wingers already in denial of the facts to craft a mythology for their gullible dittoheads. Said dittoheads went on to threaten working scientists with imprisonment, murder, the rape of their children, lynchings in the street -- such was the fruit of the handling of stolen emails, to morons by way of liars.

"Pretty responsibly" . . . keep telling yourselves that.


  1. The "idiot" most of the climate scientists said "mean things" about was Mikey (fake Nobel) Mann. There's an excellent new book about him:-

    1. It's impressive in a way that Steyn has the time to circulate more lies about Mann while he's still fighting a losing battle in court over his last set.

  2. Yeah.

  3. So what proof do you have that the emails were stolen rather than being leaked by an insider? All this post consists of is name calling and claims of moral superiority and zero facts to back it up. Just what I've come to expect from alarmists.

  4. Seven separate investigations including one by the Royal Society cleared Mann a long time ago. Dishonest denial is not being able to Google Micheal Mann cleared by 7 investigations.

    Stop lying.

  5. Cut Curry some slack. She is a Climategate Junkie, addicted to resurrecting old, dead attacks. Needs help: As the World Burns, Episode III: Judith Curry, Climategate Junkie

  6. Dwarf? There's a new iteration of the hockey stick added to the already large list every week. Pal science is making you gasp for air, get back to the water while you still can and give up all hope of evolving.

  7. I never paid much attention to Climategate until I read Mann's "False Hope" in my Scientific American paper copy. That little article sounded like propaganda, and this in turn led me to read a bit about Climategate. Which in turn led me to conclude the guy was closer to a political scientist in his approach. This of course meets with strenuous objections by his supporters. However, the way this whole issue has been mixed up with politics one has to conclude Mann may be a famous outlier but remains within the general population. He just seems to be sort of obsessive about the way he pushes his work.