Thursday, December 15, 2011

Coward deniers continue threats

Threats of violence against climate scientists continue to be endemic in the denialosphere, like this idiot comment from Climate Etc:
. . .

Mr. Young, you’re a nice person. I’m not. When I got a look into the e-mail communications which Dr. Mann mistakenly assumed would never get into the hands of the people he’d been so successfully defrauding and suppressing, I confess that it got my Sicilian up, and I began recalling remote locations in the Pine Barrens – well within driving distance of Centre County, Pennsylvania – where a little work with some shovels and a sack of quicklime could serve a genuine public benefit.
Hammering Dr. Mann is necessary not only as a punishment for his particular offenses but also as a pour encourager les autres public enforcement of those standards of conduct which academicians overtly profess but covertly violate as a matter of routine.
Not to get too Spider-Man here, but with great power comes great responsibility, and in order to prevent the abuse of such power, those accorded same have to be held to their responsibilities.
That may not be “business as usual” in the forms to which our present professoriate members are accustomed, but what the hell makes anybody think that their “business as usual” is acceptable when it produces multi-trillion-dollar damages like the AGW fraud?
You'd think a self-described Sicilian thug would know enough not to go on record threatening to murder a scientist they didn't like. Perhaps Rich assumes that we know, based on his general inability to back up anything he says, that he's a harmless blowhard, and we shouldn't take him seriously when he threatens to murder somebody.

Rich is probably too much of a coward to act on his violent fantasies, but he contributes to a culture among climate deniers that gets more extreme and violent each day. We've already seen our first climate denier mass murderer, who signed off praising Monckton (who is fond of comparing his opponents to Nazis) and the CRU hack before he systematically murdered seventy defenseless people. Are cowards and bullies like Rich contributing to a culture that makes horrors like that more likely? No question.


  1. Just wondering. Has this been reported to law enforcement? Zero tolerance should apply.

  2. People who deny global warming share the same mentality as those who've never respected nature, for economic or religious reasons, or both. They are moral criminals and always have been.

    Show them any evidence of a large, man-made environmental problem and they'll react the same way. Deny, confuse and threaten. Remember the ozone hole "hoax?" That was a big target of theirs before AGW-denial took over as the main cause. They are just greedy punks, obsessed with making money from nature and not much else.

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