Thursday, November 10, 2011

Solar activity hits seven-year high

Solar cycle 24 continues to ramp up, as expected. When La Nina falters -- it's now expected to persist through the middle of 2012 -- temperature records will fall. Until then, enjoy another data set following the trajectory predicted by scientists based on a model.


  1. I guess you haven't seen how many times the "scientists" had to redo their predictions for the current solar cycle over the last oh, three to seven years. They missed the mark so badly that they have been reduced to making predictions that are many time bested by pure amateurs.

  2. ROFL. You frikin idiot! The first prediction by NASA was that 24 was going to be the strongest solar cycle in 400 years. They have adjusted their prediction down at least four times. At some point they were bound to get it right.

    One of the authors of the orginal "super solar cycle" prediction was Mausumi Dikpati of CU. She claimed that her model was 98% accurate. Obviously her prediction couldn't have been more wrong.

    And here is the prediction of David Hathaway of the Marshall Space Flight Center.