Thursday, June 10, 2010

Scott Armstrong loses another month of his imaginary bet

Sadly, Armstrong appears to have abandoned the site chronicalling his fictional wager and his promotion of his pseudoscience of "scientific forecasting." That's OK, we here at Idiot Tracker are happy to continue to update interested readers in the status of the "bet."

Armstrong abandoned his project in March after losing six of last eight months and every month in 2010:

Let's bring him up to date, shall we?

For April:

Armstrong: 0.263C
Gore (fictional): 0.348C
Actual (UAH): 0.50C

"Winner": GORE

For May:

Armstrong: 0.263C
Gore (fictional): 0.351C
Actual (UAH): 0.54C

"Winner": GORE

Armstrong has lost eight of the last ten months and every month in 2010. Of a bet he created, cherry-picking the start date and exaggerating the predicted rate of temperature rise. So much for the "scientific forecaster"'s forecasting abilities.

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