Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Idiot move of the week: Israel tries to spin the slaughter of 10 human rights activists in international waters

Take a look at this photo, from the IDF press office, labeled as "Weapons found on Gaza-bound ship":

Original link:,7340,L-3083,00.html

It was very small; I've enlarged it. What do you see? Great big circular things. They aren't guns, or knives, or bombs or explosives. They look like circular saws. Probably intended to rebuild some of the thousands of buildings destroyed by Israel in their 2008 offensive. Building supplies, of course, are forbidden to Gazans by Israel, much as are school supplies, fruit, pasta and children's toys (1).

A former fellow-traveler once wrote that what most horrified her about the Stalinist show trials was not the falsehood of the accusations by the sloppiness of the lies. Names, people, timelines, and photos were easily shown to be fabricated or used deceptively. It was the work of an ideological system so confident in its ability to dictate "truth" regardless of the facts that they hardly bother to put forth an effort to deceive skeptics. We see that kind of arrogance in Israel's hasbara today.

1. A recent list of banned goods:

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