Monday, February 20, 2012

Heartlandgate, ctd: From the annals of hypocrisy

Really, guys?
Heartland said the documents were not from an insider but were obtained by a caller pretending to be a board member of the group who was switching to a new e-mail address. “We intend to find this person and see him or her put in prison for these crimes,” the organization said.
 Heartlandgate is not bringing out the best in climate deniers. Besides being revealed as tax cheats abusing nonprofit status by funneling charitable donations to political causes, Heartland's selective outrage at the publication of private correspondence does not place them in a flattering light. Watts & Co are on damage control, of course, but really, it's going to be hard to contain the fallout on this one.

Propagandists, of course, tax cheats, and hypocrites too. Spin harder, guys, if you want to twirl off the mud from this mess.

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