Monday, October 24, 2011

Wait, what?

Anthony is having a hard week, and the strain is starting to show:
Brian H says: October 21, 2011 at 12:51 am Could you paraphrase the 2 questions in the Q&A? Couldn’t pick them up. I’d have loved to follow-up on the human sourcing of CO2, in the form: “Why does the Mona Loa record not show any fluctuations in trend corresponding to significant variations in human CO2 output that occurred since record-keeping there began?” If it doesn’t fluctuate, it’s not measuring anthro-GHG contributions. Period. REPLY: Turn up your volume, and sheesh I’ve spent my whole day servicing people and the cause of skepticism on my blog, I’ve taken abuse of all sorts, got no work done for myself, and now you want me to spend time to transcribe and paraphrase questions for you? And you still haven’t figured out from the several blog posts I’ve written and my about page that I’m hearing impaired and couldn’t hear the questions, much less Dr. Santer talking to me directly and I had to ask him to speak up? 24 hours timeout for you – Anthony
Yep. Threw a fellow denier right off the bus while he was in mid-antiscience-rant. H/t tip to cRR Kampen in the comments to Ben's awesome post on Watt's post-BEST meltdown.


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