Sunday, November 14, 2010

Idiot comment of the day

From this excellent article on glacier melt and sea level rise:

Logic dictates that scientists will not be able to show any increase in sea levels due to two reasons. Firstly population increases around the world has led to increased demand for water from river systems which in turn decreases water run offs into the sea. Secondly the advent of desalination technology and its increasing use globally, means more water is being drawn from the sea for human consumption. Australia for example has 3 plant in operation with another 4 in construction or proposal stage. The largest plant currently under construction should be in operation in two years time and capable of producing around 400 million litres of water from the sea per day. Desalination technology is also widely used in the Middle East and parts of Asia.

That's right folks, drink up; your water consumption stops the seas from rising. Unless of course you drink diuretics like coffee or beer; then they rise faster.

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