Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The denialist circus act hits the road again

h/t Watching the Deniers:

Anthony Watts is a TV weatherman, meterologist and has arguably the worlds best blog site on the climate change debate.

He has been researching the global surface temperatures from around the world and will be speaking in 18 cities across Australia. The conclusions are highly significant to the international debate. This tour will have three or four high quality presentations at each meeting. We hope many of you will attend and brings some friends as well.

A TV weatherman and a meterologist, whoa. Talk about punching with either hand. Perhaps he could train as a weather forecaster. Go for the trifecta.

And he's responsible for "arguably" the best climate blog in the world. When I try to picture someone who would make that argument, the image I get is of a homeless schizophrenic arguing with the air about the FBI agents coming to eat his skin. But that's just me. I should disclose, though, that I am arguably the wisest and smartest person who has ever lived.

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