Monday, July 19, 2010

Scott Armstrong loses another month, still not updating his bogus "bet"

Scott Armstrong is a classic denier -- talk big, make sweeping claims, and tiptoe away when you lose on the facts.

Armstrong is still vomiting up nonsense on his website . . . the last post is dated 5/5/2010 -- but he seems to have lost all interest in the "Global Warming Challenge" that gives the site its name. And no wonder; since March, when he last updated, he's lost every month:

For April:

Armstrong: 0.263C
Gore (fictional): 0.348C
Actual (UAH): 0.50C

"Winner": GORE

For May:

Armstrong: 0.263C
Gore (fictional): 0.351C
Actual (UAH): 0.54C

"Winner": GORE

For June:

Armstrong: 0.263C
Gore (fictional): 0.354C
Actual (UAH): 0.44C

"Winner": GORE

Armstrong has lost every month of 2010 and nine of the last ten months. Time for the "scientific forecaster" to look for honest work.

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