Thursday, August 25, 2011

Idiot comment of the day: listing right, ctd. Anosognosia edition.

Bruce | August 20, 2011 at 2:21 pm | Reply

I used to read 2-3 newspapers a day. Now that most are left-wing rags peddling AGW, they don’t get my money. I don’t have cable and don’t watch the MSM propaganda.

Now what do you think about Obama’s 20 years of hate-filled indoctrination?

Wikipedia has a good list of cognitive biases. We are all affected by them. Bruce, like many deniers, is suffering from an advanced case of the hostile media effect:

The hostile media effect, sometimes called the hostile media phenomenon, refers to the finding that people with strong biases toward an issue (partisans) perceive media coverage as biased against their opinions, regardless of the reality. Proponents of the hostile media effect argue that this finding cannot be attributed to the presence of bias in the news reports, since partisans from opposing sides of an issue rate the same coverage as biased against their side and biased in favor of the opposing side.

Usually by the time someone rejects all printed news and television as biased, they recognize that advertizing that delusion makes them appear crazy and discredits them. But Bruce is not big on the insight.


  1. At the daily paper for which I used to write, there was a perfect example whenever we published an article - scrupulously neutral - about abortion. Many people saw the failure to support their bias as proof of bias: Some on the left would see right-wing bias in the article's not stating that abortion was a woman's right, while some on the right would see left-wing bias in the article's not stating that abortion was murder. Those were days when I was very happy to be on the arts beat ...

  2. Just hope you don't get assigned to an adaptation of "The Bell Jar" or something. ;)