Thursday, August 15, 2013

Climate denier/neo-nazi murderer Varg Vikernes wants you to know it's all natural cycles

NorwegianVarg Vikernes, a vicious racist and murderer who achieved notoriety by firebombing several churches, was recently arrested in France following his wife's purchase of four guns, which the French authorities feared were to be used in a mass shooting.

When the last Norwegian mass murderer hit the news, he turned out to be, among other things, a rabid climate denier. I was interested to see if his fellow right-wing terrorist shared this pathology, and here we are:

The Ice Ages come and go too; they stay for about 100,000 years, or perhaps about 120,000 years, and then they go and leave a warm period for about 10,000 or perhaps about 12,000 years. In the long run, there is no change there either, only a rhythm. We are now living at the end of a warm period, and of course the scientists believe that the changes in the climate is due to human activity, but it isn’t; we are entering a new Ice Age, that will cover all of Northern Europe with glaciers, and the climate changes we see now are a prelude to this. Man has no influence over climate.
In a recent interview, Mr. Vikernes elaborates:

You also talk about the "rape of Mother Earth". What do you do in your own day-to-day life to care for the environment?
Climate changes are caused by solar radiation and other natural phenomena, so I don't worry one bit about that. Nothing we do can change anything in the climate. The last Icelandic volcano eruption for instance polluted more than all of Europe put together has done the last 40 years. So I drive my Russian 4*4 with a clear conscience, knowing very well it uses far more fuel than most other cars (I am not driving a f***ing Land Rover when the Land Rover company is not even owned by the English and Russian 4*4s are better off-road anyway... ;-p). 
Mr. Vikernes would also like to inform us that all Roma are worthless trash, and Jews are incapable of producing original science. As I said after the Breivik case, and in regards to the disgusting pornographic and murderous threats against climate scientists and their families, "respectable" climate deniers are going to have to draw some bright lines between themselves and the right-wing terrorists and thugs that have taken up their banner. If they don't, the public will quite rightly judge them by the company they keep.


  1. Love it, very satisfying, but doesn't it lend itself to Heartland's Unabomber-climate scientist association type stuff? Or did you address that elsewhere?

    1. I think that's a fair question. The Heartland's Unabomber campaign was some time after my post on Anders Behring Breivik, so I thought about that negative example before returning to the subject.

      I think the question partly rests on whether a specific association is accidental and convenient or whether it reflects a larger pattern. Hitler was a vegetarian, but it's ridiculous to use that to critique vegetarianism. And I would put the Unabomber-people who believe in a common scientific theory association in the same category.

      Whereas Breivik and Vikernes are extreme examples of a commonplace reality; extreme climate denial often travels with other extremist right-wing views including racism and anti-government fanaticism. These views, though they may be downplayed by major "skeptic" spokespeople, are readily apparent as inspiring a large part of their most rabid admirers, as in evident from the most casual glance at the comments at WUWT, Climate Audit, Jo Nova et al.

      As long as they are welcoming and nurturing these crazies, I think it's fair game to draw people's attention to the association. But I may be wrong; it's certainly a valid concern. What do you think?

    2. I guess I think it deserves broader treatment. Would be stronger with

      1) discussion of similar non-climate-related attitudes expressed on climate denial websites (I generally don't frequent those, though I'm not surprised by what you say about them); or

      2) specific connection of Mr. Vikernes with such a site and any indication that he's been encouraged.

      Otherwise, it seems too easy to flip around. But I certainly understand the temptation.

    3. As to part A, check this out:

      Apparently climate change is a conspiracy by the Jews! And, flipping back to the racists . . .

      As to part B, I don't know of any evidence for that, but Brevik, for example, specifically cite Monckton in his manifesto, as I noted in my post on him:

    4. Instead of looking at individuals, you could look at the programmes of extremist parties / comparable organizations in various countries. That should reduce the noise.

  2. The Idiot magnet strikes again with a sample of 1 (or 2 if you count Brevik).

    Mass murderer = denier

    All deniers = mass murderers

    Usual idiotic logic from a weapon grade cretin

    1. So, I assume you also feel the same way about Heartland's Unabomber campaign?

  3. Pathetic. Why don't you all go under a stone and discuss among yourselves how clever you are?

    This blog is rub by a cretin with delusions of intelligence.

    1. Did you know that cretinism is an actual disorder, not just a random insult?

      Many don't, because it has virtually disappeared from the modern world. Do you know why?

    2. Yes I do.
      It used to be associated with neonatal and early life hypothyroidism. This is now diagnosable.

      Cretin in the context of this blog is used in its literary, as opposed to medical, context.

    3. Nope, that's not why. You don't diagnose or cure cretinism. It's a birth defect. It's associated with maternal hypothyroidism, not early life hypothyroidism. And the prevalence was cut dramatically with a simple intervention, a government regulation in fact, proposed by scientists who, unlike you, understood the epidemiology: ionized salt.

      It's hard to take your insults to my intelligence seriously when you don't even know the meaning and history of the insults you fling.

  4. Actually, you are wrong. I am a physician and have some experience of neonatal hypothyroidism. It is correctable.

    However, inview of your sensibilities, I will refrain from calling you a cretin and simply refer to you as an idiot.

  5. I was very pleased to find this site. I definitely enjoyed reading every little bit of it and I have it bookmarked to check out new stuff posted rover australia

  6. "respectable" climate deniers are going to have to draw some bright lines between themselves and the right-wing terrorists and thugs that have taken up their banner."

    Surely you are not suggesting that it's only those awful deniers who have crazies amongst them ?

  7. As a strong believer in the scientific consensus on global warming and a long-time fan of black metal, I'm not quite sure what to make of this article. Varg Vikernes was an important musician who had a major influence on both the formation of black metal as a genre and it's ongoing evolution. However, he is also a despicable human being with abhorrent political views who has committed multiple crimes and has become internet famous because of it. I really wish Varg the publicity seeking murderer-nazi-global-warming-denier would just fade into oblivion so fans of extreme music such as myself could enjoy "Dunkelheit" and "Det Som En Gang Var" without feeling guilty but I'm afraid that will never happen. Fortunately there are conscientious members of the black metal community who have been influenced by Vikernes' sound but ignore his politics and therefore deserve our attention such as Aaron Weaver from "Wolves in the Throne Room".

  8. As far as Euronymous is concerned It was either Varg or Euronymous. Read any existing Euronymous interview to get an idea of hes character. I think Varg should have walked away instead of killing him and perhaps that is what he would do if he could go back in time. after all was he worth spending so many years behind bars.

    The Nazi thing. People are very quick to label someone Nazi. we live in a society where it is acceptable to talk about gay pride or black pride or any kind of pride except for white pride which gets branded Nazi. I have seen a African man on television stating that Africans are superior athletes to Caucasians. If someone where to say that Caucasians have higher IQ's than (take your pick) you will instantly get labeled a racist and a Nazi. I'm not a racist and I believe Varg is less of a racist and everyone thinks. He is certainly opinionated but many of hes articles are quit reasonable. hes desire for racial purity could be considered racist but really it is in every races interest cross breading makes all races go extinct not just Europeans.

    Climate change Denial. I simply will have to disagree with Varg on this one. Climate change is a very real and a serious problem which is scientifically sound and indisputable.

  9. Yeah. What's really nice is that people believe him without question.