Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sea ice extent -- headed for a record low?

Neven's sharp eyes direct us to a high-pressure system over the Arctic that has shifted the Arctic melt into overdrive:

And as the graph above shows, the result is a race for the record:

2011 decided to forge ahead, leaving 2010 in the dust and even increasing the lead over 2007. This is quite amazing as 2007 had a stunning run of century breaks in this first part of July. I guess I don't have to explain that this means 2011 is currently leading in the race. 2010 is finished for the rest of the month and will fall back quickly. The same goes for 2006, albeit to a lesser extent. 2009 will start to put up a fight towards the end of the month. But right now it's between 2011 and mighty 2007.

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