Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lewandowsky madness: Steve McIntyre equates deleting comments on your own blog to the mass murder of Jews

If you follow the link (I don't recommend it) you quickly discover that Steve McIntyre doesn't know what a "pogrom" is. He's referring to Lewandowsky deleting some comments on his blog. That is what he is calling a "pogrom." That's right: Steve McIntyre equates deleting comments on your own blog to the mass murder of Jews.

These folks are getting punch-drunk and they're getting desperate. Hysterical race-baiting -- the new denier normal?

UPDATE: He appears to have realized that "pogrom" was an incredibly stupid word to use. Without acknowledging the change or the reason for it, he's deleted "pogrom" from the blog post. His less offensive alternative? Here:

Less bad, surely, but someone should tell him that if you're going to use a dog-whistle term like "cleansing," you probably shouldn't start out with the explicit comparison to racist mass murder. Subtle hints are kind of redundant at that point.


  1. Personally I'd like to skip over McIntyre's choice of words to challenge the notion that climate *skeptics* are being censored by consensus bloggers and it's all one way. Ive lost count of the number of times Ive left comments on climate skeptic blogs and they’ve just disappeared in moderation. Usually questions just probing their stance.

    1. It's not as offensive as "pogrom" but it's just as inaccurate to call moderating comments "censorship." Blog comments are like letters to the editor. This is still my newspaper. If you're not adding value to the discussion, I have no obligation whatsoever to host your brain droppings on my blog.

      I'm not above mocking people like Jo Nova or Watts or the Galileo Movement who use moderation to shot down criticism. But while they may be guilty of being insecure and cowardly, it's absurd to pretend they've silenced me or that they've violated my rights. Commenters are guests. They are important guest that add a lot of value, but they are guests. Disinviting a boorish guest is not "censorship."

  2. I've yet to encounter the problem, but on my blog I'll delete denialists without warning and with prejudice. I'm sick of them poluting Google, they're not poluting my blog!

  3. Dr. Lumpus Spookytooth, phd.

    @the tracker

    so it's really funny that you are making a serious allegation about McIntyre with no evidence. Typically in the 21st century, we use ctrl+print screen.

    If you are wondering why you only have 3 comments and Steve has about 100, super left wing bias might be a factor.

  4. Dr. Lumpus Spookytooth, phd.

    @Chris Reynolds

    Chris, thank you for being honest and admitting that you are intellectually inferior to your opponents and have poor moral values. Please feel free to delete any comments you may see from me on your blog. I will happily use the print screen feature and make a complete fool out of you.